Friday, July 30, 2010

True Colors

The Sun House Beautification Project continues. Papa Seed got the new light fixture up on the ceiling in the bedroom, but then decided we needed another coat of paint on the walls. He went back to ecohaus today to get another can of color and hopefully by tonight we can tear off the blue tape and uncover the furniture and maybe even hang a picture or two on the wall.


I tried to get started on the trim the other day, after work, but we need to get a few more things before I can finish that up, and we still have a few areas of dry rot that need to be repaired. While at ecohaus, Papa Seed also picked up a shade of red for the door. Originally, I wanted this just for the door on the inside, but it is going on the outside and the inside. Papa Seed said the Paint Mistress at ecohaus is his new BFF. They have all our previous purchases and colors on file, so she wanted to help him pick a matching color. He explained that I like the BRIGHT because I'm colorblind and crazy. She took that into consideration even when he said I wanted a red door. I love the color.

First Coat

The photos show only the first coat. We aren't doing the washy looking thing. It is going to be a good coat of red, then I'm still planning on going back in and adding a little artwork in the little squares and rectangles. The blue is just the painter's tape that is going to be peeled off.

Inviting Door

The rain, or at least the sprinkles, are supposed to come back this weekend. Good for my mood, since I get cranky if I have to deal with the bright sun too many days in a row, but not so good for getting the painting job done. It does, however, give us an excuse to move inside and get busy on the bathroom.


Daniel said...

Love it! That Eco Haus place looks very interesting. I see they carry Marmoleum, which just went in as new flooring up at grandpa's house a couple month's ago—you'll see it soon, I hope. Are you aware of Goods for the Planet?

cosmic chaac said...

We bought Marmoleum there for our utility/laundry room. Love it. If our son ever leaves, we will probably replace the nasty carpet (the only place in the house that has carpet - we both hate it) with more Marmoleum.

Goods for the Planet is down the street from my work. We've gone in there, but they don't have too much we can get. Lots of cool things, but the prices are pretty high. Of course, ecohaus isn't cheap, but it is more "big project" type stuff.