Monday, July 26, 2010


TODAY I woke up once again with my body in pain. My body has been being gaining in the aches, pains and stiffness over the last few years. It is a combination of many things, only some of which I can guess. Clearly getting big, then bigger, then bigger still, hasn't helped. I also come from a family of arthritis sufferers, most of them not big people, most of them getting the symptoms by middle age. The last month has been especially bad for me, and the past two weeks brutal.

TODAY I canceled a Doctor's appointment I had scheduled for tomorrow. I'm not ready to talk to him about my issues - the pain above and another on-going one. We have talked before. Not much changes. It also would have meant leaving work earlier and dealing with two bus rides to get there. I'll reschedule it.

TODAY I quickly caught up on the godless chatter on Papa Seed's Facebook page. Yesterday was Tell A Theist There Is No God Day, a very tongue in cheek Facebook event that I had turned Papa Seed on to, and which gave him the inspiration to salute in his update. Then a little fecal matter hit the discount air conditioner. First it was a few of Papa Seed's FOXfed, reactionary, SPAM sending family members, but I'm already socialista non grata with that branch of the tree so I just ignore them. Then conversation opened up a bit with other folks. Of course, I had to sling sand because I'm godless and I can't shut up about it and don't play fair with others. By the end of the day I had started to get wound up - I could feel it - and I deleted the last comment I had made, which was a response to a couple of people, including a guy who said "Don't you guys have anything better to do with your day than to post long winded comments on Facebook?" My response to him was "I haven't met you. I guess that's a good thing." Calm, rational, fair, superior - actually, there was more above that in my response to another person about how I think these are things that need to be discussed since this whole god concept continues, in spite of logic, to influence our world. I didn't appreciate this bitchy Queen, who is somebody's boyfriend, being such a dismissive jerk. I deleted my response, however. I don't need on line wars. I'm better than that. I notice he deleted his as well. I have now reposted my response here. I win.

TODAY I was busy from the time I walked in the door at work until the time I left. Of course, this is the case every day at work. I am at least three times busier at work than I was this time last year, and it isn't going to change since we are now three times larger an office. It is okay, since I still love my job. But my job IS my Social Life. I am very social at work, which fools my co-workers into thinking I am social outside of work. I am not. Not at all. I do all of my socializing and flashy stuff at work. Once out of the office I'm back to being a LONER in a long-term relationship with a house and a son and dogs and a huge need to be alone. However, the problem with being super busy at work is that it cuts into my social life, the only social life I have or want. Since I get paid I can't complain too much.

TODAY I checked Joe.My.God. fifty times, as I do every day (and I can do so while being busy at work because I'm multi-disciplined like that), and get riled up by the Haters he posts about and left my pithy comments as I also do every day. I also obsessively check Facebook, my email, and a few other sites. I have to check at least once to see what the deal of the day is on Thankfully it was another total yawner, because we are so broke right now I can't afford to pay attention. Pa-Da-DUM! But it is true. Thank you for leading me not into temptation. Atheist dropping godspeak into his blog - fo'shizzle.

TODAY I had one of the most delicious, yet garlicky lunches ever made on this planet. Papa Seed made an amazing cauliflower and garlic spread/dip last night, and packed some in my lunch (and yes, he made my lunch - he is awesome that way). The smell sent one of my pregnant co-workers to the bathroom to puke, got me a couple of emails asking what smelled like death in my cube, and had another co-worker come up to me to tell me how horrible the stench was. I felt bad. I sent out a public apology. However, when another co-worker sent me an email incredulously asking if anyone had actually complained, I responded that they had, but I considered it payback for all the times I've had to suffer through being the victim of obnoxious, allergy inducing, headache causing floral scented perfumes, which are rampant in my office. I hate that stuff. I try to be all cool and down with the man/woman thing because everyone is beautiful and to each his own and don't tell me how to swing on my playground and I won't tell you how to swing on yours, but more than once I've asked a straight guy, when we are alone, "Now be honest, do you guys actually like the smell of those perfumes?" Not only could I never be straight, I can't ever be a Drag Queen. We have had Girly Girls as guests in our home before, and they leave the place a toxic dump. I have to open every single door and window and stay gone for a week. But I'm sorry my cauliflower and garlic spread was an issue.

TODAY I ate sunflower seeds when I got home.

TODAY I went to the library to get more books on creativity and artist studios.

TODAY Papa Seed made a delicious Thai curry with tofu for dinner. It did not have garlic.

Contributing Editor at 'The Nation', Author and Stud Muffin; Christian Parenti

TODAY I found out that Christian Parenti is a hot slab of a Dude. I always have liked his Dad, but until I was watching TV this evening I don't think I've ever seen the son. Wow. I like that combination of really great, progressive, intelligent politics and being a love cupcake.

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Toppatwo said...

Aches and pains as well, my friend. Went to the doc yesterday and he confirmed osteoarthritis in my hands. He prescribed Vicodin. I've used this in the past and break them in half. I'm still able to function at work, but I'm not totally goofy. I only take one when I'm typing and can't stand it anymore. It kills me when I'm cooking and my hands curl up and freeze!
Sometimes my hip hurts and I notice I'm limping down the street. I tell myself, "Buck up! Walk through the pain. Do NOT walk like an old man." My doc thought this was funny.