Sunday, July 25, 2010

Colour My World

We got started a little earlier today. In spite of the fact that the boys went from working their asses off to staying up half the night, they were even up while the sun was more east than west. That doesn't happen very often. Fueled by coffee, restlessness, and KEXP's Preachin' The Blues we took to our stations, armed with brushes and color or other tools of the trade.

Papa Seed was back on Dry Rot Duty, and had to make another trip to Home Depot. We have to buy stock in that store.

Papa Seed clears away the dry rot

When I was a little boy, my Mama took me to the Eye Doctor. I have always loved going to the Eye Doctor, and I'm not going to call one an Optometrist because I like Eye Doctor better. After checking out my eyes and prescribing glasses, he gave me the test for color blindness. He showed my a bunch of circles with dots, and then told my Mama and me that I had Red-Green Color Blindness. That was weird. I have always lived in a Technicolor World, as far as I could tell. The Doctor wasn't at all concerned about it. He said it happened to a minority of the population, mainly males, and that it only meant that I could not grow up to be a Ship Captain or an Artist. I chose Artist!

It took me about 30 years to muster up the nerve to ask for that test again, and then ask the Doctor (a different one, but still one for eyes) what it all meant, because I can see colors. I love colors. He answered, but I'm not sure what he said.

I do know that I sometimes buy a black sweatshirt and have people tell me that shade of green looks good on me, and I wear only white socks so that I'm not dressed like a clown. Papa Seed will correct me when I ask for something by color, but he just doesn't see things my way. I am drawn to bright, bright colors and earth tones and black and white. I guess there is a reason for that.

I also should never be allowed to pick out colors for a home, inside or out. The colors that look subtle to me in a store come out looking like FIESTA TIME IN CIRCUS WORLD once applied to a wall. Not that I have a problem with that, but I think other people are puzzled by it. This time I forced Papa Seed to make the final decision, after I had picked out about ten colors I thought would work. I started with greens, went to browns, and then I guess we upped it to oranges. I don't remember doing the oranges, but then again I always end up with orange. I'm drawn to it. I can see it.

Yin Yang got the first coat on one side of the cottage, then Mancub joined in. I went back into the bedroom where I thought I was finished, but Papa Seed insists that the previous color still shows through. I do not see it. After 3-4 coats, I don't care. If it wants to show through so much that it does so after 3-4 coats, then let it be.

Yin Yang gets the first coat on. You can see a glimpse of the original color on the house in the back left corner

We won't be finishing today, but we made a lot of progress and things are much brighter. Sunshiny Day.

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I love the color. Bright colors are the betterest colors.