Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home Improvement Day

We spent most of the day working on the "cottage", the converted garage that is a separate unit from our home and that we spent a fortune on a few weeks ago getting the roof replaced, the black mold removed, and new insulation put in. Several months before that we had several of the windows replaced. When we moved in, two and a half years ago, we painted about half of the inside. "Fixing up" is a long process. It also is freakin expen$ive.

The cottage, which we have given a few try-out names to all having to do with the sun, holds our guest room which has also been the bedroom of our on-again off-again de facto son (nephew) who is now totally off-again. We have put up a few visiting musicians who have come to play at some experimental music events, something I'm hoping we can do a lot more of (and not just musicians, but artists or other performers or writers or whoever is in town for some kind of righteous gig that doesn't come with a fancy hotel stay). We've also had friends and family back there - visitors for a night or a week.

Our TV/DVD/Blu-ray is back there. Not exactly a huge home entertainment room, but an intimate cozy corner. This morning I nursed my stiff neck by getting in the recliner and watching Another Sky while sipping my morning brew. I'm a big fan of morning movies. When I'm in charge, the art house theaters will not only all reopen, they will be full of 6:00 and 7:00 AM'ers getting a little Fellini and Antonioni under their belts before heading to the office. Coffee and Italian Pastries will be served.

"Sun Cottage", or "Sundance Cottage", or "Sun House", or whatever it ends up being called, is also where we store beer bottles for the homebrew at various stages (empty, full and fermenting, completed and cold). Most importantly, it is where my art table and art supplies live, and since I keep threatening to start doing art again, I want this to be a welcoming, functional, organized (as much as I can ever be organized) place to be.

Papa Seed got Mancub and one of Mancub's best friend's, Yin-Yang, working on the prep work. The guys worked harder than I think I've ever seen them work. They started a bit slow, at least Mancub did. Right before getting busy, they went for a walk and came back smelling a little herbal. I noticed that Yin-Yang got to work, but Mancub kept finding places to sit and stand to stare off into space. Kids today - why waste a good buzz on working? Later in the afternoon, when the clouds had drifted a wee bit, Papa Seed discussed the proper substances to use and the ones to avoid before being put in charge of power tools. We are liberal parents, but we don't want to raise a fool. They worked on the outside, while I did some more work on the bedroom. There are several areas of dry rot, an exciting development because that way we can slow down the process and sink even more money into the project.

Papa Seed made a couple of trips to Home Depot. Since a branch of the right-wing theocrats have organized a boycott of Home Depot because Home Depot's policy is that gays and lesbians are human, I guess it was okay that we dropped some more change in their cash drawers.

The evening has ended with a coat of primer on the outside of the cottage. The boys done good. Tomorrow we paint.

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Daniel said...

Lookin' fantastic, can't wait to see it! As to the compatibility of herbal ameliorants with renovation work: time was, Bill and I used to go up to a farmstead about four and a half hours' drive from Toronto. These weren't (were not! Were not, dammit!) Faerie™ gatherings, they were gatherings in the faerie tradition. Just so we're clear on that. Ahem. The couple who own the place have personalities that are dynamic in interesting and challenging ways. At the beginning of one such gathering, half the couple indicated to the gathered not-faeries a plate piled high with greenish-tinged cookies and advised us all that they'd been made with a great deal of natural flavouring. Needless to say, the plate wasn't piled high for long, but the lot of us not-faeries shortly were. At the end of the weekend, the owner couple both threw flouncing, door-slamming, vein-throbbing, spittle-flying tantrums because nobody did any goddamn work! Gee.