Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Egg And I

Chicken Update

Since last updating we had to find a new home for The Reverend. Neighbors were complaining. It was a tearful good-bye, I had become so attached to the fella, but he is in a better place now - a couple of acres, new lady friends, sheep and grass and a coop about 20 times bigger than what he left behind.

We started getting little tiny eggs a week or so ago. Finally realized they were coming from our little tiny chicken - a chicken that was brought to us by folks out walking one night who found her on the trail and thought she belonged to us. She didn't, but we said we'd keep her until we found her home. We didn't, but she lives with us now. It wasn't until yesterday that we figured out via Google that she is a Black Old English Game Bantam and she is going to stay small and so will her eggs. The photo is deceiving - the eggs are about a half the size of regular eggs.

I Update
Man, life is a roller coaster. Bad rib, sprained ankle, money problems, relationship angst, family issues, panic and anxiety. Always something. But heck, I'm taking voice lessons, I have a new tattoo, I'm doing creative things almost daily, I manage to get to work most days and enjoy myself while I'm there and I read a bit now and then. Hanging in there.