Sunday, March 30, 2008


We got the keys on Friday, and with all the boys including the furry ones, headed over to see our home. The furry boys loved it, ran around excited and introduced themselves to the neighbor's dogs. It is ours.

David from the record store came over yesterday morning, right after Papa Seed and his friend took off to do the asbestos removal. I ended up getting $700 for my vinyl. I was hoping it would be $800, but then again I pulled a couple hundred more out of the stack in a moment of panic before he came over, so it felt like a fair deal. He was a really nice guy too, and I really like that it was an independent store that is going to attract hard core music folks. It was more liberating than I expected, although this morning I woke up with a Gloria Gaynor song (not that Gloria Gaynor song, but one called "For the First Time In My Life") running over and over and over again through my head. I haven't heard that song in probably 20 years. Yesterday I got about a quarter for the album it is on.

Mancub and I took off to do some hardcore shopping after that, entering the Seventh Circle of Hell and leaving with stories about really sweet techgeek boys who helped us, along with that much coveted Xbox 360 and four, count 'em, four Rated M games (he had asked if he could get one - I did some research and found four that were supposed to be good but the last game like that I played was Ms. PacMan in the lobby of a theater in Sacramento back in the early 80's, so I'm going by the fansites). Got a deal on the special edition of Halo III that comes with some kind of helmet for decorative purposes only. Made sure he had the Gold Card so he can play live with his friends on line. Or something. Not sure I got it, but my intention was to totally spoil him, and I did. For ONE day. Before the move. Before the adoption. I bought myself (meaning, the family) a 40" HD TV, and my first iPod.

His "Mom" called him to say he could pick up her widescreen TV, which is probably even bigger than our new one. He is going to hook that up to the Xbox. She also asked how things were going in Driver's Training, and when he told her great she offered him her old car, since she had just bought a new one. This was something she had arranged with us a few weeks ago, but we kept it from him. All of this left him in kind of a dazed state of glory. "This is a really good day!" he said several times. Pressing his luck, he asked if we could go get ramen at his favorite restaurant. Continuing the Spoil Mancub Day, I agreed. Besides, they do have delicious noodles.

We picked up some more paint for a few rooms, and headed over to Creek House. Papa Seed and friend were just finishing up what had been a much more difficult and exhausting job than they expected. Walking in the house, I love it more than I did the last time, when I loved it more than I did the last time. Now with it empty, I get to really see it. And then it started to snow. First a little, then a lot. Snow on Creek House - you can't get more Laura Ingalls Wilder than that. It was beautiful.

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