Saturday, March 22, 2008

Floors and Ceilings

While Mancub was doing yet another ridiculous Shoplifting Diversion class - at least his fourth punishment for stealing a can of coke nine months ago (and after each consequence we have promised him it is all behind him only to have Big Brother knock on our door again - Please Leave Our Child Behind!), Papa Seed and I went back to ecohaus, this time to actually exchange money for our first home improvement products.

We decided on the Sahara shade of Marmoleum for the Laundry/Utility room. Also decided to go ahead and get the rolls of the wool underflooring that absorbs moisture and noise, not that we expect either of those to be an issue but now we are trying to think about quality for resell. We haven't even moved into our first home, and already we are keeping in mind resell value.

We held off on getting flooring for the house bathroom. We have to decide if we are willing to take on a bigger remodeling job than just the floors or keep it simple. We are thinking that we will take out the fiberglass blood red shower/tub monster, cut back on the huge counter and do away with one of the sinks (one of which is Crayola crayon red) and try to put in a (used) clawfoot tub, a nice (new) bowl sink, and add some storage shelves. If we do this, we will wait until we are moved totally in, so we have access to the "mother-in-law" bonus unit bathroom, which will have a tenant for the first three days of ownership (a little something we agreed to with the current ownder).

Papa Seed got an estimate on removing the asbestos ceilings from the three rooms. I'm starting to soften on letting him do it. He promises he will get all the proper equipment including a throwaway jumpsuit. He has printed out the complete instructions for the homeowner that the City puts together. I'll go over it with him later, and if he agrees to get on of his buds to help him (because it sure as Hell won't be me), I'll probably let him.

Then we have to paint the ceilings. We picked out an American Pride environmentally friendly paint color for the Utility room walls while at ecohaus. I guess we can use that for the ceiling there. Mancub has to pick out a color for his room. It is difficult to get him excited about most of the house changes. He is mainly just interested in the Xbox 360 that was part of the bargain in agreeing to a move. That won't be green. We can only do what we can do. At least we can make his ceiling green friendly.

We found a church pew at EarthWise that we will probably buy for the Living Room. Mancub wasn't thrilled when we told him about it, but he is outnumbered on this one.

I put some furniture on craigslist. Making way for the new. No bites yet, but then I didn't add a photo. I'll do that tomorrow if no one responds.

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