Thursday, March 20, 2008

Creek House

Creek House

We are packing now. Going through almost five decades of memories in various forms, trying really hard to do the sell/give-away * recycle * throw away * save thing that all of the experts suggest. It seems endless and I have a perfectly good reason to hold on to every matchbook, ticket stub, old calendar, and card except I've somehow managed to go a stack of years without needing or seeing these things.

The new house is a new life. It will be the first home we have ever owned, either of us and both of us. We are wanting a fresh start with less, but richer in meaning. More conscious, less cluttered.

It is beautiful. The creek goes in front and along the side. It makes the most incredible sound. The house has hardwood floors, and a fireplace with blue tiles in front of it. In back is a chicken coop and a rotating composter. There is a greenbelt behind us where coyotes wander and foxes roam and eagles nest.

We have an adventure in front of us.

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