Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My eyes have been taking turns twitching for the past two weeks. Today it was mainly the right one. I was offered some anxiety medication by a kind soul, but I declined. It is really a mild irritation, but it comes with a certain stigma no doubt about it.

I'm guessing it is coming from the dust that is blowing like a volcano in our clean sweeping, lack of sleep and exhaustion, and increase in coffee intake. I'm thinking it will ease up in a few weeks when I can take respite by the creek. Already I'm piling up the expectations of miracle cures for the new place. That's a lot of pressure to put on a building and a small piece of land.

I feel like a relic when I get on the electronic store web sites to see what we can get to replace our clunky stereo made up of various pieces. I don't think stereo system is a current phrase. Home theater something or other is all that shows up, but we only want that in one room. We want a CD player and radio in the living room. CD players are like good tortilla chips. They've all be replaced by Doritos, or in this case iPods. Our walls of CDs now mean that we are old. I think I'm going to buy an iPod but I'm not getting a thrill when thinking I can plop one tiny machine into another to play music. I guess there will be a certain satisfaction in being able to play NPR shows when I want to hear them.

Mainly, I keep thinking that I'll be getting a new computer that I can use to watch and listen to things on ubu. My Old Skool Mac is way too slow and small. I still haven't decided if I'll get the 20" screen or just be a total hog and get 24". These consumer choices are clearly dangerous. We do still need to buy chickens and I want to use Earth Plaster when we redo the bathroom. Plus, the games for Mancub's XBox are going to be expensive as heck. I had no idea it cost so much to play Kill! Kill! Kill! We just used plastic toys which were cheap.

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