Friday, March 21, 2008

Popcorn Ceiling

Papa Seed and I disagree about what to do with the popcorn ceiling. He wants to go in there and do a DIY job to remove it. Since we know it is the asbestos type of popcorn, I think that is too risky. We had a heated email exchange while we both were at work this morning. I think we have decided to cover it up, instead of disturbing it. We might revisit this before Friday.

Friday is the day it becomes final. The day we get keys. Monday will be the day we sign the paperwork. As of last night we are in the mysterious "escrow" phase. That is a word I've long heard grown-ups use, but never really had any idea what it meant.

I've packed my fifth box of CDs and have barely made a dent. I guess this is why every generation after mine is switching to iPods and MP3s. I've lost count of how many boxes of books we've packed so far, but there are still books in every room that need a way to be transported.

I took another two boxes of freebies to work today. Almost everything went quickly. I foolishly thought someone on craigslist might want magazines, but so far no bites. Too bad because they are good ones. A whole lot of money has been spent on this things that I guess will just get recycled. I guess this is why every generation after mine has switched to the internet.

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