Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Making Home

Finally got back on line last night after a week plus of only catching a few minutes on the rare days when I made it into work. Still between houses, although finally the end is in sight. Cleaned out almost all of the kitchen at the old house this evening - at least Papa Seed did. I was upstairs going through stacks of dust and art supplies, mixed in with plastic cowboys, stale Japanese candy, nude centerfolds, and music magazines.

The last two weeks are a blur of Ikea, boxes, CD shelves, back aches, fast food and endless pitstops at Uptown and other like fine purveyors of legal liquid drugs. My twitching eye stopped for a few days, but is back now to join the last three weeks of fun facial movements.

Creek House however is beautiful. Beautiful with boxes and boxes and boxes and large garbage bags taking up space on the floor. But at least one room, the "library", is well on the way to being functional and quite nice. My new Mac has a 24" screen which is ridiculous and makes me shiver like a little rich girl at a pony party. Instead of "speakers", I bought "sound sticks" which give the desk a "Young Frankenstein" kind of feel - not unpleasant at all. I am modern. Hear my subwoofers roar.

Mancub's room came out the color of Mountain Dew. The Cottage TV Lounge is earthy and warm, and also without cable at this point. Although far from complete, in anticipation I purchased The Films Of Alejandro Jodorowsky Box Set this afternoon for a later Christening, or Pandering as I'd prefer.

Papa Seed has been making his way through the cardboard towers each night to strum a bit on the guitar before crawling in bed. The furry boys are confused, but I think are realizing that this is now home. A duck couple do a daily walk in front of the house, by the creek. A Steller Jay has been gathering nest material for our viewing pleasure. Slowly we are making progress in putting things away.

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