Friday, July 20, 2007

Music Across The Water

From the window in my upstairs office, I am able to hear the distant singing and drumming of the Indian Days POW WOW. I've never quite understood how sound travels in this city, but it can be a most amazing and delightful thing. The Pow Wow is miles away, across the water. To get there, I'd have to travel several miles to a bridge, cross the bridge, head west for many more miles to get to the park that sits on the little peninsula surrounded by the bay (or the "ocean" as people call it, because that is where it comes from), then hike a ways downhill to the center. I thought about going tonight, but Mancub came down sick this morning and spent the day at home sleeping. Papa Seed is exhausted and has been napping for the past several hours. I think I will be staying home.

I thought about going to hear a new musical discovery, Citay, since they are playing in a club in the neighborhood. I just read about them two days ago, and listened to a bit of their music on My Space. I liked what I heard. But I'm not sure I'll be able to get it together to crawl down there to hear them. Is it fair to leave a sick son at home while his middle aged Dad goes out to hear kids half of Dad's age play a modern version of traditional psychedelic music? This isn't covered in any of the parenting guides.

I half planned out several things to do this weekend, but now I'm not sure if we will get to do any of them. There is of course that on-going issue with doing things as a family only to have the Silent Unibomber appear in our trio. Mancub has been really great the last few days, so I was hopeful we could have another attempt at a weekend exploring new things together. Maybe I'll just read. Although it is quite breezy outside, I think I could manage on the porch for a bit. I do love this weather.

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