Monday, July 23, 2007

Farmer John

Mancub finished Harry Potter this evening and told me how it ended, and ya know - I'm okay with that.

It arrived Saturday afternoon, just as Amazon promised. Mancup was holed up in his bedroom so I had to call him down to say something came in the mail for him. He seemed surprised, then started saying "This must be from my Mom" and when he opened it he said "COOL! My Mom knew I wanted this because she bought me all the other books! "Mom" is the woman who had been his mother for the past seven years. The same one who didn't want to be his mother anymore.

It wasn't a reaction I was expecting, and I felt really sad. I told him to read the note I had them put in the book. He said "This is from you guys?" and then said "THANKS!" but by then I was sorry I had done it as a surprise. He claims not to want any relationship at all with his "Mom", but I think that is just the pain talking.

He didn't want to join us for any adventures. We went to the dog park, the Pow Wow, and out for coffee without him - getting drenched in the rain. We came home to rest, then told him we were going out to a movie. He asked which one and Papa Seed told him and he said maybe he would come. I said I'd like that, but it would be up to him if he wanted to stay home and chill.

He decided to join us, but once in the lobby he picked up at card for The Read Dirt on Farmer John, the movie we were seeing, and said "Oh no! You didn't tell me this was a documentary!" I said it was about how we got the food we ate, which is something we have been discussing a lot recently. He seemed really annoyed - did an impersonation of a "farmer" with hayseed coming out of his mouth and a faux Southern drawl. "You might be surprised" I offered, then said he could pay me twenty dollars if his image of a farmer was proven wrong. He wouldn't agree to it however. He probably figured out that was a smart move the first time Farmer John was seen riding his tractor in a colorful frock near the start of the film.

He didn't sit with us. He wanted to sit closer than I like to sit. When it was over, there was a Q&A with the Director and Farmer John, who brought his pink boa out of his pocket to wave around during a question. Mancub was sitting right in front of him, and asked him several questions which was a huge thrill for me.

"I asked more questions than you guys did!", he said proudly on the ride home. "How come you guys didn't ask him about the gay thing?", he wanted to know. "Because he isn't gay!" we shouted in unison. "I know...but still..." he went on. "Yeah, your two Gay Dads are going to ask a straight guy about being Gay" we scoffed, but it did allow us to present our case once again that we thought a real man was a man who wasn't afraid to be himself, even if that mean wearing a lovely dress to sow the crops when other folks tried to hang their defintion of being a man on him.

To compensate for the suffering of being "tricked" to see another documentary, we all watched "Family Guy" when we got home. It was pretty funny. Smutty, but funny. No mention of Community Supported Agriculture, but balance is good I guess. I don't see how Mancub gets any of the references, even pop as they are, since his knowledge base has yet to be broadened, but he sure laughs a lot during it.

The next day he was back in his upstairs cave, coming down twice for food.