Friday, July 13, 2007

Family Guy

It has cooled off. The last two days, especially the day before last, were brutal. I spent most of the day inside of an air conditioned office, but it was still brutal just knowing that heat was out there ready to attack.

It zapped my energy, which is already in limited supply.

Mancub has been a pure delight. He has been responsive and joking around and "incorporating feedback" as we say on the job. I've chatted with the other parents at work which helps put things in perspective. Family Guy isn't going away. It is a ritual for him, one that we can either join (which we do) or attempt to fight (which isn't worth it). Sometimes it is quite funny. Think about it... said one of my co-workers who is incredibly insightful and bright, I don't know that show, but judging from the title - isn't "family" something that he wants the most right now, and wouldn't a show about "family" be very comforting for him?

I then broke it to her that the show was mainly smutty jokes, but that was also something that would be important to a teenage boy since 99% of what 15 year old boys think about is sex, and that will continue for about 60 years, give or take a medication now and then. However, she was on to something - the combination of smut in a family setting - what could be more comforting to a kid in his postition?

He tried to watch a recorded concert of Macy Gray with me one night while he attempted to bond over my interests. Do you like her?, he asked. I love her. Does she always sound like this? Yes. What kind of music is this? He stuck with it for a good half hour.

By mid-week we found out that we are flat broke again. Until yesterday afternoon we had yet to receive a state check for the kid. The check was less than half of what we were expecting, because of some convoluted method in which it transfers through three agencies or departments. We should get the rest soon. We went into this forgetting that there was a little money attached - knowing that it would make our tight financial situation tighter (and hopefully forcing us to deal with that by being on top of things). Still, the transition period that lasted several months blew through the little savings we had, and Papa Seed is cutting way back on his work so he can work on his PhD and get that done. We've been playing this money game for 15 years, so we aren't as worried as we are annoyed with ourselves.

There is thunder outside right now. This is not a part of the country that is known for thunder, especially in the summer. The neighbor's chickens are clucking away and the beaded curtain in my window is getting a work out. I took the day off of work to catch up on being me, alone.

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