Saturday, July 28, 2007

Goodbye, Kwik-E-Mart

It has been good. I have to take deep breaths and step back a bit to get perspective often, but aside from that it has been good. They shift their moods a lot, these young humans. One mustn't cling to a reaction because the impetus is fleeting and should never be confused for a concrete mindset.

I grumbled and lowered my voice yesterday when he sat steadfast in his unwillingness to try the Cuban food that Papa Seed had spent hours preparing. He flicked 'tude towards me, but we both got over it soon. He ended up putting the unseasoned parts of the meal in a tortilla (cold) to eat. In response to my comment about at least trying Cuban food the way it is meant to be eaten, he held up the burrito and said "This is Cuban food" to which the choir sang "NO IT IS MEXICAN! CUBA IS NOT IN MEXICO!" The Waltons never had these kind of annoyances at the dinner table. Nor do I suspect do our neighbors or friends.

I sat on the back porch last night, alone, listening to Xavier Rudd who is a recent discovery which allowed him to be named this month's ~ My New Boyfriend. I'm sometimes slow to find out about the folks who sing for hackey sackers, but quick to embrace them if they are beautiful and have good politics. I guess he was in town a month ago, but I didn't really know who he was at the time so I didn't go to see and hear him. It was probably best that I saved our formal introduction to a night when I could sit petting the dogs and sipping an icy rum beverage while my champra incense flowed in the air, because it allowed me to not have to share. Nor was I present for the "as a family" nightly viewing of Family Guy, although I could hear bits and pieces during the quieter moments.

Today we went to see The Simpson's Movie. We bought the tickets last night, then stopped at the very busy Kwik-E-Mart that had a parking lot full of photo flashing Japanese tourists. You could feel the excitement. It is one of the better movie tie-ins of the century, a phrase we had to translate for Mancub. Mancub and I bought a Squishy and a Homer Simpson cookie each. They were all out of pink doughnuts.

It was a funny movie, but what I wanted to see was the Tsai Ming-Liang film I Don't Want To Sleep Alone. I missed last week's showing of the Apichatpong Weerasethakul film that is also a part of the New Crowned Hope Mozart Film Series. I'm so fortunate to live in a place that gets the Mozart Film Series and the Kwik-E-Mart, but I'm probably only going to get a Squishy out of it. Damn. I'm not for two seconds even going to entertain the fantasy of taking Mancub to see Tsai Ming-Liang films. That would be sillier than Bart Simpson skateboarding naked. It did cross our minds to let Mancub in on the meaning of Apu, but we settled for just making a comment in the car that we were sure that the store clerk/owner at the soon to be restored back to a 7/11 was probably tired of people asking him if he was named Apu, or worse doing impersonations to his face.

I doubt I'll live long enough to see a chain of theaters change thier names to the Fu-Ho Grand Theater for a revival screening of Goodbye, Dragon Inn.

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