Wednesday, July 4, 2007


A new place.

We watched the fireworks on TV because the mansion being built across the street now blocks any view of mountains, sunrise or fireworks. Filthy rich. Mancub and Papa Seed grilled hotdogs while we listened to Greg Vandy's Soul Special on KEXP- always an event. Curtis Mayfield, Isley Brothers, Sly Stone, Laura Lee, Lee Dorsey, Sugar Billy, Bobby Hebb, Aretha, Lynda Lyndell, Sweet Inspirations, and Marlena Shaw starting things off with Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free) - a truly great hand clapping soul-fueled antidote for the patrio-repugnancy of the Holiday.

By the time Funkadelic's Can You Get To That was played, I think Mancub had checked out to the iPod shuffle and/or the video games. Sometimes I just can't know because I want so much for him to get on up, get into it, get involved with the great American music that I feel a little wounded when he starts developing his own standards. Already, so soon into this fatherhood I'm emotionally one of the people I've always resented - the parent who wants a carbon copy. The reality is I'm neither acting on that, or feel that way the majority of the time - nor does he totally dismiss great music in favor of something more high stimulation teenage testosterone marketed. After I corrected him with the words to the O'Jays Love Train, with which he had started singing ~ "I'm a Love Freak - A Love Freak", he stated ~ "Do you have this? We should get this!!" But it was the Funkadelic song I really wanted him to hear because we have had several conversations concerning the multitude of George Clinton's scripture. Mancub thinks James Brown is George Clinton, in spite of being taught well many times when he starts to sing songs with Funk in the lyrics. Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) is a favorite of his, in spite of the confusion over the actual artist. It has led to many promises of a Funk Night in the house which we have neglected to follow through on. He wants to get Funked Up and that makes me happy.

Of course, he also loved War's Low Rider a fact which makes me very, very happy. So what if he probably knows it from one of those "Pimp My Ride" type shows and not Sundays in the park - you gotta meet 'em where you can.

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