Friday, January 16, 2009


Big Poppy & Papa Seed
Big Poppy & Papa Seed ~ Big Poppy Turns 50!

First thing I did was join the AARP, just to get that out of the way. I didn't want that hanging over my head for the next few decades - that reminder that I'm in a different age bracket - the one that folks make fun of. May as well deal with it head on, get the hotel discounts, and not shudder when I get the offers to join for the next decade. I hear their politics aren't going to mirror mine. Oh well, I'm still going for the discounts.

Papa Seed and Mancub whisked me away to La Spiga that evening for one of the best meals I've had in the last five decades. We all loved it, even the pickiest eater of the trio, the youngest one. Our friend G~ had recommended it to Papa Seed, and also ordered flowers to be delivered while we dined. I felt special. I felt loved. I didn't feel old. Just peaceful.

Now I'm preparing for my gift from Papa Seed, eight days of flying solo at/in El Encanto de Cabo Pulmo. Being a person of size, or what is also referred to as A Big Ass Heifer, I don't do so well in airplane seats. It is kind of like a corset with bad air and crying babies, plus I totally charm who ever is lucky enough to sit next to, or rather under me. I want to be anesthetized for this portion of the vacation. I dread it. The rest of the time should be amazing. No cell phones, no TV, no video games, no teenagers, no drama, no work, no clocks, and probably no internet - except to let folks at home know I'm okay. But I hope I don't have access, because I don't want that temptation. This seems like such a dramatic cutting off of the world, but we used to call it a vacation in the 70's. Except for the teenager part which varied according to vacationer.

Like many things in life, the fear of turning fifty is worse than the actual act. Once it is here, you really don't have a choice and you just go about your business. I know a lot of folks - men and women - who are secretive about their age. I spent my youth being secretive about my age because most folks assumed I was older and I didn't want them to know I was just a kid. Now, when I guess I should be hiding it, I want everyone to know. I'M FIFTY DAMMIT! DEAL WITH IT! I am what I am, and if I wanted to be something different I couldn't be, so this is what it is. And I'm going to make it good!

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