Friday, January 9, 2009

Return To Me

Been a long time since I updated here. Not sure why I stopped, but apparently I did. I think I lost focus of what I was trying to do here, and frankly the anonymity, which was meant to be liberating, was getting to be too confining.

So I'm coming out.

A Toast To Me

With a sip of the beer and a quiet private toast to me, I'm making this a real person blog.

Where was I? Let's see, summer came and went, so did some guests. Fall came and went. A lot of projects got put off. Two of our chickens were killed, probably by a fox. Mancub* started driving, got three tickets and got into two accidents the last of which destroyed his car. Mancub stopped driving. Mancub didn't enjoy football so much this season and ended up dropping it. Papa Seed was/is very busy with school. Winter came, this time with actual snow. Lots of snow. Beautiful, beautiful snow. The surviving chickens started to lay eggs after being cooped up with a heat lamp on 24/7. Two of them attacked the third, a result of being "cooped up" probably, so Nicky is recuperating in our guest cottage with her own apartment and a big screen TV. We will reintroduce her when she is completely healed. Mancub started wrestling which is a much more positive experience. We have become Wrestling Dads, showing up for meets once or twice a week. One of the neffs has been with us for about a month, as he was struggling in school again.

Papa Seed and Mancub took a trip to Florida back in the Fall so we could have our son meet more of his family. Our home is like a teen shelter most weekends. Work is good. Books stack up. DVDs get returned unwatched. The dogs are still the best.

Several weeks ago, the first day of snow as I was helping the neff with some school work, I looked out the window and saw a big bushy tail. I stood up and realized it was a coyote, the first sighting since moving in. Excited I ran to the back window, calling out for Papa Seed and our houseguest at the time. When I looked out that window, I saw that there was not one, but two - TWO - beautiful, big, healthy, full coyotes standing right there - five feet away - in broad daylight in the snow. It was one of the most amazing and magical moments I've experienced since moving here.

That is the five cent catch-up. Now we will see what direction these takes with the full frontal facial return.

* Still deciding on if I should stick with the semi-anonymous screen names.


Anonymous said...

Keep the screen names - they are endearing & allow your commentary to be more open. Beautiful blog.

Arielle said...

I love the names you have used, I think as long as they work for you, keep them.