Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Return

After disappearing for several months, I am feeling the need to return. I've been haunting other sites, mainly the Evil Facebook, where I waste far too much time spitting into an ocean.

In between visits to those other sites, life is pretty much rolling along; addiction to podcasts, eating too much, bouts of depression, started walking again, endless visits to doctors and always with the same shrugged shoulder ending, lots of documentaries, stacks of books that don't get read, an uncertain job future, chickens, amazing dogs, the mood swings of a teenager and coffee.

I'm trying to fill my head with science, since it never really took back in the school days and I'd like the post-50 years to be a time when I'm more knowledgeable and able to actually have a conversation with other adults. I put aside learning Spanish - have to get back on that caballo. I'm working the weight/health thing - slowly. The walking is getting there. I'm trying to lean much more towards a vegetarian diet (although by no means only). And I have to get on that art thing. I've got to start drawing again.

It is cool and a bit cloudy out there, my kind of weather. I'm going to spend most of the weekend watching DVDs and puttering around the house. You have to be 50 before you can putter. I've earned it, I'm doing it, and I'm proud.


December Child said...

I'm so glad that once long ago I put your blog on an RSS reader, so I knew you had posted again. Your writing flows so nicely, and FB just does not do it justice. I enjoy your intelligent and honest musings so very much.

Regarding depression, this is a long shot but . . . . I've struggled with it myself and this past month, based on some reading I've done, I had my vitamin D level checked during my annual physical. I came up "severely low" and am now taking large doses for 8 weeks once a week to be followed by lower daily doses. Google low vitamin d levels and you will be amazed at what it can cause, depression being one of the ailments. I am hoping that stocking up on the stuff will do wonders for me. I understand that many, many people living in the PNW have low levels, especially those of us who are told to use sun block and to stay out of the sun. From a faithful reader wherever you go.

cosmic chaac said...

Hey December Child - thank you so much. I needed that.

So do I know who you are? It sounds like I should, but I'm not sure that I do.

We started adding Vitamin D to our routine a few weeks back, but maybe not large enough doses. I will Google to get more info. I take prescription meds as well, but I'd really like to reduce those. Thanks for the tip.