Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vehicular Closure

Mancub left a bit ago to spend the night at a friend's house. In the morning he will be joining the friend, the friend's mother and the friend's grandparents for a week stay in a cabin up in Canada. They are the kind of people who have "a cabin up in Canada", which envious as it is doesn't take away from the fact that they are very nice people. Mancub needs a break from the romantic turmoil that has been his life, and while we have been wanting to take him on his first trip up there as a legal son (foster kids aren't supposed to travel), we will have to settle for second. He needs this trip.

Yesterday we spent about six hours at Toyota dealerships and came home after 10:00 PM (I didn't realize they still made that time of day, having not experienced it in decades) with a brand new minivan. "Brand New" as in previously owned, but as new a vehicle as I've ever owned, and never have I owned a vehicle with a warranty and no rattling noises. It is only a couple of years old, in spotless condition, and has very few miles on it. Sure, we had to buy the warranty that actually does something unlike the one that automatically comes with it, and yes we had to do that annoying bargaining thing a bit, but it feels great to have a working minivan especially knowing that if things start to break down we can take it in to get fixed for nothing.

I'm returning a tremendous stack of DVDs I didn't watch and books I didn't read to the library. I am however listening to Green Day right now, a group I do not particularly like, because Mancub has given for the first time ever M~ an All Access Pass to every electronic device in his room, so M~ is in there thumping tunes and watching You Tube. It started off with a "No Entry" policy when Mancub was gone, then it softened to a "Entry Only For the Designated Reasons" Policy. M~ high fived me when he announced he was going to be able to use all of the game systems, including the Xbox 360. This is the sign of complete cousin trust. It also means another week in which I won't be able to read or watch movies, unless I can do so with background noise. Which I can't.

But I can ride around in my new wheels. When Papa Seed isn't in it. Which means, I won't be able to do that either.

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