Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A New Leaf

Celebrated 16 years of togetherness with Papa Seed this evening by taking a break from the teenagers and complications of life to have some beer and pizza at Talarico's - an Over 21 Pizza Joint that has been recommended by several friends.

Yesterday we found out that the $5000 we have plunked into our van was all for nothing, since it is still at the shop and they now say they can't fix it. We had it back two days before we had to take it in again. The shop had it for almost a week before diagnosing it as terminal. "Unbelievable" doesn't quite capture how we feel, even if you put the modifier "Fuckin'" in front of it. Damn it. Since we had the trip to The Oregon Country Fair planned with tickets purchased and yurt and campsite reservations and dog & house sitters in place and somewhat complicated "negotiations" with all parties involved, we have now rented a vehicle because we can't just burn through money fast enough. Three teenage boys and a rental vehicle, five days, hippies and the ocean. This is a complicated mix for a relaxing vacation, but we reserve the right to be hopeful.

Found out a few days ago I have what used to be called borderline diabetes, but now has a longer name. It could be worse - it could be diabetes. This is hopefully my last wake up slap in the face. I've started to shun sugar, although I'm not going to be a total purist about it, and I've been doing pretty good with making those healthy food choices. I've also been dealing with chronic pain, but thanks to Tylenol and Ibuprofen I've been pushing through some short yet difficult walks. I know they get easier, and I have to do this. I'm still waiting for a few more tests to come back and then I get together with my Doctor to come up with more of a game plan.

I'm ready to kick the gloom and doom and get inspired. I've got my iPod loaded up, my carefully selected stack of magazines, my healthy snacks, and some fine new shorts. Stick me in a forest for a few days, add some freaky festival time, and bake. Reinvention here I come.

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