Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rebirth In The Woods

The Oregon Country Fair was amazing, as expected. There is truly no other event like it.


The trip seemed like a disaster in the making, having to rent a vehicle when we found out that the $5000 we put into fixing the van was for nothing since it turned out it could not be repaired, fragile negotiations to get the neffs, money woes increased by fuel costs, brand new health concerns, but we did it. I kept my cool as Mancub played his PSP and listened to his iPod in the backseat, rather than look out the window at the most amazing scenery in the country. Most of the time, the boys got along. Their biggest concern was being close enough to cell phone towers so that they could text their friends. These aren't the nature boys of days gone by.

The yurt was a hit. They liked that. Once at the fair, we told the boys to run off and get in trouble. I did have a little meltdown the first day when the dissed the youngest of the trio, and he in turn sat at the entrance and did nothing. Also Mancub walked around with his iPod in - the only person there who did that. There is plenty of music and ambient sound around, you don't need that. But things turned around quickly. M~ made a Free Hugs sign, the two older boys met girls (although Mancub had to text his girlfriend to see if it was okay that he hung out with them), and all three got into the vibe. They loved it, they really loved it!!!! It took us well over an hour to leave on our last day, as they went around yelling "Free Hugs" to one and all, and made a lot of folks very happy. Papa Seed and Big Poppy's hearts sang. Yep, they did. Of course, an hour later they were calling one another asshole in the car and getting angry over who knew what about Final Fantasy. Such is life.

They want to go back next year.

On Sunday night, Mancub's girlfriend texted him that their relationship was over. Then it got moved up to a "one month break". This past week has been teenage romance angst week. As is the nature of such things, the status changes frequently, but the drama remains on high. It has been a rough week for our little Romeo.

Our last day of being on the coast, I managed to get my foot caught in a piece of driftwood, and then did a three part fall onto two large rocks. Unlike the movies where the hero gets pulverized into a bloody mess and then stands up to whack the life out of the villain, I was down for the count, breathless with the most intense pain I've ever felt in my life until an angelic couple from West Virginia came to my rescue, and slowly got me back to life. They also rounded up my posse who had been unable to hear the loudest swear word ever yelled due to the roar of the ocean, and after thirty minutes or so of first aid we drove into town to buy ice packs and ice to put on my leg which was by then three times its normal size.

A week later, I'm still hurting. But nothing is broken except my ego.

So the trip to revive lives did so, but we won't get the full impact until we cross the obstacles of a damaged romance, a damaged body, a damned vehicle or loss of anyway, and figure out how to bring the woods full of hippies into our home.

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