Saturday, June 7, 2008

On and On

Hungry Girls

All I know is that the chickens keep getting bigger and they keep on eating. Lyra is the first to take to sitting on a perch. The others look interested, but haven't quite gotten the hang of it. Josefina is getting fat. Esmeralda and Yva look like little penguins. Nickie is getting the most new feathers.

The rain yesterday filled the creek. It was louder and faster than we've seen it to date. Also, because it is the storm water run-off, dirtier.

The blue jays that have nested outside the kitchen are also more active than ever, and they are usually pretty active. Such beautiful birds.

We have an official adoption date for Mancub - finally. Two more weeks, and we will be in court. There will be a party.

There is a lot of relief and excitement thanks to the Obama news in our household.

The first of the Great Neffs turned 16 this week. We took him out for ramen, and bought him a trumpet at an Old School Music Shop south of home, tiny and cluttered with the best kind of personal service. M~ was thrilled, we were glad we could do it, and Mancub got to do all of the driving to one up his Cuz. Since that evened the planning field a bit, Mancub invited him to spend the night, the first time M~ has done so in the new house. Not sure if the Peace Talks will continue, but there is hope in the Kingdom for now.

Gas is $4.26, the weather is more Fall than Summer, and for some reason I've become addicted to candy. I never had a craving for candy, but since the bus transfer takes place right by a Bartell's, on meeting days I've gone in to get cheap snacks and those end up being those boxes of Mike and Ike', Red Hots, and their kin. I loved this stuff when I was a kid, but grew out of it in favor of the grease, spice and salt poisons which have been my downfall since the late teens at least. Odd that now as I'm trying to live a more healthy life, I've become a sugar fiend.

Today is the memorial service for our former neighbor. Mancub came home for about three minutes before taking off again. Great Neff B~ is staying with us, and M~ will be joining him this afternoon. I've got to return a bunch of DVDs that are overdue at the library, ones I never had a chance to watch in spite of renewing them all two times. And there are still boxes of things in the middle of the rooms that we need to deal with.

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