Saturday, May 31, 2008

Keeping My Head Above Water

The past week was a bit of a mixed bag. I managed to miss my morning bus three of the four work days, and I had several bouts with my old friend depression that left me lethargic and still but anxious. Yet, I also managed to get out and walk a few times during my lunch break - painful walks - they always are until I get back into the swing of it all - but ones that seemed to tranquillize me a bit. I downed the prerequisite bags of junk food while at work, but also made sure I had salads for lunch.

The death of our former neighbor in Ballard started a mourning period for our old neighborhood and community I thought I had bypassed. I spent many hours with ponderous thoughts I have no need to articulate. That has been done for centuries by songwriters penning lyrics on the passing of time.

The Sunrise,Sunset quality has even followed me in a speeded up version with the baby chicks. They are now more than twice the size they were when we adopted them, and full of new feathers and large wing spans. They eat, sleep, squawk, and poop while I contemplate the meaning of life and the hours that have already gone by.

Papa Seed is up in the mountains, working on his research. Last night Mancub and I ate pizza and candy and watched Year of the Dog. I was worried that it wasn't funny enough to keep Mancubs interest, perhaps too adult (not in the sexual way, but in the life experience way), too full of character studies and not "characters" ala stereotypes and broad strokes. He stayed with it, however we have yet to really talk about it. Over burgers today I mentioned to him that I had spent a lot of time thinking about the movie this morning. He said "It was good", and I left it at that. What I wanted to say to him, and did, is that it wasn't what I expected (or even feared), that usually movies of that genre go for a happy ending or some resolution of the boy meets girl theme. In this one, the Molly Shannon (GOD I love her) character finds herself making some pretty big changes in her life, in part to connect with a potential boyfriend. The boyfriend doesn't stick, the changes do and continue to evolve and become her new love.

It is really a very charming film. It kept heading towards cliches and stupid put downs of modern life, but it always veered into a different direction when it came within reaching distance of those things. It is a film that is much more powerful upon reflection. I'm convinced that Mike White is going to be one of the greats of film. I've never been able to shake Chuck and Buck, quite possibly the most uncomfortable film in the history of cinema. When he is on, as he is in the two films I mentioned, he gets under the skin in the most unexpected way. Just two weeks ago I saw a "Father and Son" spread that told me he is the son of Mel White, the now openly gay Reverend and former writer for Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. I found that shocking, but now it is all starting to make some kind of perfect sense. These are some pretty complex folks.

Halfway through the movie, there was a cloud of dust and tiny feathers, then one of the chicks (I'm pretty sure it was Esmeralda, but it could have been her clucky counterpart Yva) popped through the wire netting on top of their crate. She looked around as if to say So, now what? I had Mancub herd the dogs and I raced over to grab her and put her back in. I have no idea how that happened. They must have been doing cheerleading pyramids in there or something. Tomorrow we build a bigger crate for them to spend the next month in. After that, they should be ready for the coop.

Last night we tried to go to Zippys the new burger place in our neck of the woods, but it was closed by the time we go there. I told Mancub we'd try again today, and we did. Alas, they had run out of burgers by 4:30 (they close at 7:30). I guess this has been happening since they opened, and they keep increasing what they get but it is never enough. Good for them, but we have yet to try a Zippy's burger and I'm thinking I might go vegetarian any day now. Instead we drove over to Alki to try Pepperdocks which I friend recommended. Pretty good burger, decent fries, okay strawberry milkshake, not so good onion rings. This is not the kind of food I'd ever go out to get on my own, but it is what Mancub likes, so I treat him when I want to bond. We talked about the movie, girls, jobs, life. He drove home, and he is getting better although he still takes corners too fast. It won't be long before he is on his own. Swiftly flow the days.

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