Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adoption Day

Adoption Day Cake

It is official. We adopted Mancub Tuesday morning. Showing up late, there was a line almost around the corner of the court house. It seemed like every fifth person was someone that was there for our session - kind of a "This Is Your Life", or the final three part of Survivor where they remember the cast members that went before them. It was somehow fitting that we walked by his past Social Workers, Lawyers, Counselor, Foster Family, and others who have been involved in his life up to this point - all being a part of bringing us to that moment. The court room was full, and the judge could not have been nicer.

Then it was done, and as the judge said - we are now his Dads forever and he is now our son forever.

My sister and another of her grandchildren were in town, and with the two neffs we often have along we all went for Dim Sum. Then we came back to the house and got ready for the party. Unlike our previous home, we actually have room for parties now. We had a barbeque with hotdogs, chicken, and hamburgers and two cakes - one that had "Love Makes A Family" iced on top, the other the one in the photo that his former Social Worker brought. The days of Social Workers and monthly home visits and paper work and court cases are done. We can now be normal. Mancub is really looking forward to being a normal kid.

Much else since I last posted, but all fails in comparison with this, so I'll leave it be for now.

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