Saturday, May 17, 2008



We picked the hottest day of the year so far to drive a bit out of town to go get the baby chicks. Now we have five of the tiny critters, about the cutest little things you ever could hope to see. It was all pretty easy. We walked into the Feed Store and the woman at the counter set us right up. We left with one Rhode Island Red (the last of that breed), two Australorps, and two Golden Sex-Links - and I am still trying to figure out what that means. My research says something about the sex is linked to the color, but it isn't really the breed. Could be a cross breed. I guess the girls will be golden.

Dog Show

The furry boys are very excited about all of this. They aren't sure if the new guests are here for dinner, or just a snack. They also can't figure out why we put a screen up so they can't get to them. We have some lion and the lamb work to do.

Mancub was out watching his girlfriend jump horses, so he didn't get to see them until he got back home. I wanted him to go with us, but the girlfriend is #1 Priority at all times. He says the Rhode Island Red is his, and probably will name her "Dew" after his Mountain Dew colored bedroom. He has brand loyalty now. It's just a phase.

Last night, the trio of humans walked just to the end of the street to go to the opening night of the new pizza place. Pizza was pretty good, the place was empty, the woman who was the Hostess was incredibly charming, and the guys all kind of stood around and gave blank stares. We love having a place like this in our neighborhood. We saw that they have calamari and Greek pizzas, which we will order when we go without Mancub. His food tastes are just east of KFC and just west of Wendy's. No vegan anarcho-punk, he. He wanted garlic chicken, so that is what we got. He actually wanted the chicken one that had pineapple on it, and I love our kid but there are some things I just won't do. Ordering pineapple on a pizza is at the top of the list. I guess there is something a bit wrong about eating chicken on a pizza the night before we go adopt five of the critters, but the two adults aren't really vegan anarcho-punks either, in spite of how they sometimes like to view themselves. And we each had a Coke.

In about a year, we should have eggs. Eggs and calamari, just seconds away.

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