Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pretty Cowboys

Yet another day of "vacation" so that we can once and for all be done with the other house. It is almost eleven and we haven't made it over there. Papa Seed is doing some much delayed work on his laptop, and I'm moving things from the living room to the "Guest Room". The "Guest Room" being the last room on the list to put together, so for now it will be the storage closet.

I'm running into a few problems with swapping, selling and giving away via the internet and I've also played both sides of that and have been a slacker on following up when I've been the interested party. I got caught up in the oldest scam in the book on craigslist when I tried to sell my wonderful Rustic Mexican Pine Dining Table, but caught on before I had lost any money. Still, at that point it was too much to try to find another buyer so I am giving it to two coworkers who are moving into a new home. The problem is that they haven't moved yet, and it is a CHUNK of table and so now we get to move it here and find a place for it until they can take it. Then there is the freecyle person who wanted moving boxes but must not want them enough to come and get them. And I lost the email address of the magazine dealer who took my last printed booty.

I ordered some movie posters to go in the TV room. Two large ones of Brokeback Mountain and a small Dead Man, Midnight Cowboy, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, and Jeremiah Johnson. Aside from all being perfect movies, and personal favorites, there is a theme there although for some reason I can't quite name it as obvious as it seems to be. Homoerotic Anti-Western Westerns about Loners and Masculinity and the Meaning of Life or something like that. Or maybe Men in Hats.

Papa Seed hooked up the DVD and I watched a couple of minutes of Eno's 14 Video Paintings just so I could see what the new TV did. There wasn't enough time to actually sit and watch. Also have my eyetv hooked up now but also only did a quick playtime with it. Once we get settled in, these will be my toys. The cable guy is coming back out on Thursday to hook us up. Long story, the short of which is he had to come back out to hook us up after the first two visits.

This morning I just pulled out a drawer of our new Ikea dresser and took out some underwear with amazing ease. I'm starting to understand how the rich get spoiled. I've always had furniture that required a stern jiggling of the drawer, holding down on the right corner, pulling the left side out a 1/4 inch, standing on one foot, giving it a tug while on the other foot giving it three hard taps to the base and then reaching in the 6 inch opening to find some shoved in garment that you can't really see and hope has the fewest holes of the options. At some point we stop with all the new and the toys and the shiny and we start to really, really buck up and become hunters and gatherers, but I'm certainly seeing a certain appeal to having pretty things.

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