Thursday, August 14, 2008

Communication Breakdown

Finally, I received my first comment since starting to blog here. After a few years of blogging elsewhere, I gave it a rest and then got the old craving to start a new one. This time I knew I needed to do it anonymously, at least in the beginning, and to get a really good pattern down before joining another "community", such as Live Journal or My Space or those other places where you write for specific people, even if you claim you don't.

I told no one that I had started this at first, then a few friends far away. I've avoided using real names and photographs that can identify my family. At first, I even kept my location private.

Of course I look to see if I have comments, but I'm always relieved when I don't - well, maybe a combination of relieved and wondering if anyone reads what I write.

I joined another community several months ago. In the last couple of days, I've received some angry private messages from one of the folks there. It is a group for older folk, and the forum was one for politics. I'm a far left bleeding heart atheist faggot liberal (with kids and dogs) who is not afraid of socialism or anarchy, and I don't see eye to eye with people who get their news from FOX and their morals from a church. I assume when far right folks expose their racist ways and then say "Have at it" that they mean that. Oops. Not always. I made some person very mad. He did a little bit of angry old white guy name calling while pretending to hold up the dove of peace. I didn't hold out my hand in return. Pissed him off more.

Funny, my first comment here had a bit of anger as well, although it was much more articulate and thoughtful (at least up to the point where I was told to "Grow Up", although that told me the poster is...I'm guessing, in their 20's). I'm flattered someone took the time to read what I wrote, took the time to comment, made a few points (that ultimately I still disagree with, but I'm leaving them to stand sans comment as I decided I'd probably do if people comment here), and hope they continue to read and comment if the spirit moves 'em.

Funny, the other email of note I got today was from my High School friend that I found a month ago after 30 years of not knowing where she was, or if she was alive. I wasn't going to write about this here - it is still "on-going", the online reunion part, and there are a few other personal reasons as well. As it turns out, she and her wife have been heavily involved in the fight for gay marriage in California, and today she sent me a beautiful photo and campaign ad that features the two of them. Now that gays and lesbians have finally done the slow climb the legal way to get their rights, the damn thing is being put on the ballot so "the people" can decide. "The people" don't have a very good track record when it comes to voting on civil rights (or transportation, or funding schools, or helping the homeless...). Oh well, I'm still with my nullified husband even after we fought the law and the law won, and I'll still take a reusable bag to the grocery store no matter what "the people" decide come November.

Being childless for a record breaking second night, Papa Seed and I left work a bit earlier to go see The Dark Knight at the IMAX theater. We originally told all of the boys we would take them, but they all went to see it without us a couple of weeks ago. It was relentless, and dark and my sweet Heath is amazing as had been reported everywhere already, but it was a bit too actiony for me to give it the highest praise. Still, it was quite good. Came home and finally broke into the growing stack of new CDs I've accumulated over the past couple of weeks that sit unlistened to. Tonight I gave The Duchess and The Duke a spin. Absolutely wonderful. A new favorite. Please, if you disagree, don't vote to ban it.

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