Saturday, October 15, 2011

What A Long Strange Trip

I've got to stop with The Facebook. My blogs gather dust, yet they are much more conducive to my style of communicating, which is to endlessly blabber on about my life, things of interest and complaints. People are on Facebook to play games - like, really play games. Except for Scrabble and some similar word game, I don't play games. Well, chess. But I don't do that on Facebook.

Since last I was here - a son left for California with his girlfriend, a nephew stayed with us while he got his life together, then another nephew joined him for a similar reason and then they left for new girlfriends. There is a pattern here. We adopted a little foundling kitten, Kerouac, who managed to teach me that I still have some love to give, even if it is received with claws and out of control vet fees.

I tried to learn how to knit and failed, so I tried again and failed and then I tried again and failed, but I'm going to try again because I'll be damned if some little crafty thing that old ladies in rocking chairs do with their tiny little round spectacles and arthritic hands will defeat me. I have a Spanish tutor now, a guy from Peru. I dropped out of voice lessons, but want to find another instructor. I bought a little leather-craft kit but haven't taken it out of the box. I took a mosaic class but haven't done anything since. I will be doing both of these things soon. I lost at least 25 pounds and I'm walking almost daily and trying to eat decent foods 90% of the time. Papa Seed and I are rebonding after life seemed destined to move us in opposite directions, or at least put other things as the focus. I joined Netflix. I made beef jerky.

Kuma has gone blind, and both he and Rusty have trouble walking these days. It breaks my heart and leaves me beyond depressed when I allow myself to think about it. Aspen looks bored because he no longer gets to go on his daily walks, but I need to change that. I hate leaving the other guys behind - it seems unfair.

Our nine chickens give us an average of five or six eggs a day, but they will probably slow down now that it is getting colder and darker.

Fall is my favorite season. I'm glad it is here.

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Arielle said...

I'm so sorry about Kuma. I totally understand how it feels to leave one dog behind and take another for a walk. I thought of you today when I picked up a lost dog. She was elderly, about 15 pounds, very affectionate but just not my kind of dog at all. I had to pick her up to call her owners, and then I had a terrible moment of "Oh shit, what if they don't want her back and they just leave her with me?" I now understand the feeling you and Papa Seed had when you found the elderly dog that lives close to you. You want to help, but damn, you don't want to have the responsibility for the rest of the doggie's life. The owner called me and came and got her within about 10 minutes of me picking her up, to the disappointment of Harley and Norton who were no where near finished sniffing her. Glad you are blogging again. You inspire me to do the same.