Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring Chickens

Has it really been a half of a year since I posted on here? I intend to often, but waste time on Facebook or staring off in space or sitting in front of MSNBC far too often.

So far, the year has had more than an average chunk of musical events, the return of one of the boys whom we never thought would return, relationship counseling and issues, nine new chickens, aging dogs, weight loss/weight gain, money issues, above average number of books read, houseguests and a newcomer to the mid-life crisis (Papa Seed!).

Etta, Odetta, Yva II, Yoko, Nina, Aretha, Bobbie Gentry, Nico and Bessie joined our family as little one day old peepers along with eight of their sisters who went off to live with another family when they reached seven weeks of age. Our house was full of dust by the time the girls moved outside. They are now pretty big girls and seem different than the other chickens we've had. These are much more of a "pack" - they do everything together. They seem less afraid of dogs and humans, but hate being picked up. Pretty mellow girls so far, and any pecking order - which I know can still be coming down the pike - has been minor to date. I love having chickens again. I don't know if I will ever be able to enjoy life without chickens again. I've also lost the desire to eat chicken, which used to be one of my favorite foods. I still did it with the last two batches, but something about this one that has turned me off, at least for now, from having it as a food source.

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